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Nostalgia. Cuisine. Pride. Weddings. Festivals. Couture. Machines. Rendezvous. Bollywood. Art. Culture.

A mobile thella with a rusty stove, an aluminium pan, spices for chai and jars of rusks: it’s the vehicle that travels through all our lives. From love stories to creative ad campaigns, from office politics to the philosophy of life itself: the very ordinary chai ki dukaan has seen it all. >>

Patrick Shaw & Jenny Kostecki-Shaw love chai & India. One morning they had this crazy idea to fly to India and spend four months steeping themselves in chai culture. The result, a beautiful book, Chai Pilgrimage: A Soul-Nourishing Tea Adventure through Northern India. >>

Wherever you go in India there is chai and behind every chai, a chaiwallah and behind every chaiwallah, a story. Documenting such tea tales is the American duo, Zach Marks and Resham Gellatly. Here’s a page from their journey of backpacking across India to meet the chaiwallahs. >>

We make stopovers at chai ki dukaans, savour tea across the globe, fall in love with the kulhads once again, meet chai lovers and a lot more. >>

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trumpet lead

Dunking biscuits, taking giant bites of samosas, gorging on a handful of namkeen… how do you like your tea? Pairing the humble chai with snacks is quite an art, say the teaholics. Let’s dress up tea time with some of our favourite snacks. >>

indian belly

A tribute.

saffron SAGA

tarla dalal

Understanding the spice.

Day trek in the Spiti Valley.


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the globe & the gully

All tombs raided

Egypt, beyond the pyramids.

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The 'boy who became god': Sachin Tendulkar

trumpet cause

Chai has been brewed in Bollywood all along. From Shree 420 in 1955 to Raanjhanaa in 2013 it’s been steaming up the romance, stimulating discussions, playing the protagonist and overturning plot lines. Here’s what’s been on the tea tray so far.​ >>

70 MM

On a shikara, Kashmir.

the paradise

A k Hangal


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Avatars of the saree.

Aromatic accessory.

jasmine trail

In the world of contemporary fashion, chai is the new muse. We raise a cup to the change in taste. >>

Wearing the bindi in an alien land.

forehead art

Spicy blast.


jagdish Raj

fashion fry

The quintessential Bollywood cop.

A villain we love to hate.

Itna sanata kyun hai bhai?

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The winning photograph by Amrita Tripathy. She won herself a tea box by Bellis!>>


A chai poster for all you chai lovers. Click on the image to download for free. >>

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Cascading glaciers; waterfalls rushing into emerald lakes; snow-capped peaks, 

evergreen forests and historic, monumental landscapes: the beauty and grandeur of Alaska captured on an eight-day tour. >>

Our loved scooter: Hamara Bajaj

'I am just a  बावर्ची': Vikas Khanna

Delhi Food. REdefined

Delhi Food Walks is an initiative that connects all the foodies and let them share the food secrets with the people around. It is a multi cuisine platform that serves the delicious delights on wheels in a pocket fitting price.