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Bharat Darshan

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Buland Bharat ki Buland Tasveer, Hamara Bajaj

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If you are the child of the 80s and if you can hum Doordarshan’s signature tune and recall the colours of the montage; if you remember the Ek chidiya song and sing it too (to probably your kids now!); if you can recall the yellow saree of the Maggi mummy and Lalita ji of Surf fame then you most definitely remember the Buland Bharat ki Buland Tasveer. Yes! Hamara Bajaj. Bajaj Chetak, the two-wheeler that was a defining characteristic of our childhood and an imminent part of our teen years. Many of us have fond memories of riding the scooter…

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Langar, the divine meal

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In the age of Happy Meals, Combo Food offers and extra cheese pizzas there’s still one repast that tempts us beyond the fast food goodies. If you’re a Punjabi or have accompanied one to the Guru da ‘langar’ you’d agree that this basic meal brings a soul-satiating experience that outclasses even fine dining. A tradition that’s lasted for centuries, bringing people together one and all, the langar, or community kitchen, is a quintessential element of almost every Gurudwara (venue for Sikh congregational worship).

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Maa ke haath ka khaana!

desi emotions, Indian Belly

Last month I went home for a slightly longish vacation and I came back with four kilos of excess baggage on my already expanding girth. Points to note 1. I did not go crazy eating out on the pretext of “I-am-on-holiday”. In fact, most of my meals were home cooked 2. I didn’t eat the forbidden stuff, the not so good stuff you know (Okay, I am lying I did cheat a bit but hey I was on a holiday).

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All that you need to know to bargain like an Indian

desi emotions, Nostalgia

If you are a true Indian middle-class prodigy, you could bargain everywhere! FROM VEGETABLE VENDORS TO DUTY-FREE AT AIRPORTS – WE BARGAIN EVERYWHERE! From sabjiwala and autowala to the local grocery shops, departmental stores, malls and even the duty-free at airports (been there, done that!). Bargaining with the vegetable vendor would come naturally even if you are clueless about the prices and is an easy learning ground for the beginners. Bargaining at the local stores is one level up because here you need to convince the shopkeeper about how MRP is not the final word and discount on MRP is…

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Do you miss haggling with the vendors?

desi emotions, My Dubai

On a cold winter evening, I snuggled in the blissful comforts of a warm bed with an interesting book for company. But bliss can only be complete with a steaming cup of filter kaapi. The intoxicating aroma of the ground beans clouded my caffeine-deprived mind nudging me to drag myself out of the warm comforts of my bed and pay tribute to the beans. As I pour hot water into the traditional Indian filter and the gentle drip of thick coffee decoction become music to my ears, I remember that the last of what was left of the milk was…

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Tu Jaanta Nahi Mera Baap Kaun Hai

Bharat Darshan, desi emotions

Saddi Dilli, is what we Dilliwallahs love to call this city of dreams, denominations and destiny. Known as ‘Delhi’ to the world but, always and forever, as ‘Dilli’ to the insiders, this open-hearted capital of our nation doesn’t discriminate on the basis of where you come from or where you’re heading: in life, or on its big, broad roads.

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The good ol’ Ambassador — baati waali gadi!

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There are many cars across the globe, which have carved a special identity for themselves over the decades. The Ambassador is one of them but totally unique in the way that it’s still being produced. Yes, a 1958 model, which hasn’t been changed much and is still selling and also finding some growth!

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Sachin Tendulkar, the name says it all

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Thwak! The swing plane comes down in a perfect vertical arch to meet the orb, dismissing it from his five ft something presence. A billion smiles light up the Indian diaspora across the world. Rasp! A horizontal spectacle that sends the orb into spatial travel. Another billion flashes lighting up the night sky, enhancing the mood of a nation, perhaps even boosting the economy.

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Dear Sachin Tendulkar, thank you!

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Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is more than just a name. A revolution, a renaissance, a hope. A man who has provided immense hope and cheer to our nation. A nation that often struggles to find individuals who inspire and motivate them. And to do this successfully for 24 years is an achievement on its own.

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Langar, the divine meal

In the age of Happy Meals, Combo Food offers and extra cheese pizzas there’s still one repast that tempts us beyond the fast food goodies. If you’re a Punjabi or have accompanied one to the Guru da ‘langar’ you’d agree that this basic meal brings a soul-satiating experience that...

When cleaning the fans becomes a son's duty!

Being the only son in the family is enough reason to have to clean all the fans in the house, time and again, especially when Diwali’s round the corner. There are other duties that sons don’t really mind, like fetching stuff from the market, but they’re always going to...