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We're one-year-old! In this issue we celebrate the many charms & avatars of ONE.

celebrating one

over a cup of chai

idhar udhar

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Nostalgia. Cuisine. Pride. Weddings. Festivals. Couture. Machines. Rendezvous. Bollywood. Art. Culture.

Anant Singh, the man behind the Golden Kela awards, says the Kelas stand for the revenge of the ‘Aam Aadmi’ against the ‘Khaas’ of 'Bollywood’ who keep hurling unoriginal crap at us as entertainment. >>

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan: On the difference between the Punjab in India & Pakistan, his latest album, the charm of Sufi & more.  >>

Wheels of India: Modern India is talking about a revival in the art of cycling. We pay tribute to the ‘tortoise’: a simple steed in search of newer grounds. >>

Celebrating the many avatars of one: From watching DD1 to aspiring to win one crore in KBC, from the ek in the shagun to using ek minute as an excuse to get away with everything, from the Just Ek Minute show to Bollywood's obsession with ek... >>

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bharat darshan

Table for one! Portion size: one. Eating alone: at home or outside. Does cooking &

eating a meal alone make you uncomfortable or do you find it empowering? Here’s how to savour every solo bite.

indian belly

A tribute.

Tea time snacks

tarla dalal

The tea pairs.

Day trek in the Spiti Valley.


ANGRY TOOT: The screaming headlines on gang rapes have got us fuming. We’re angry and we don’t want this anger to die. We pledge that we will keep the anger alive in each and every issue of The Indian Trumpet. If you wish to share your views on the issue with us write to us at

the globe & the gully

All tombs raided

Egypt, beyond the pyramids.

most popular


The 'boy who became god': Sachin Tendulkar

trumpet cause

What is it with No.1 and Hindi cinema? Actors aspire to reach the top spot. Filmmakers affix ‘one’ as a kick starter: think Hero No.1 & Aunty No. 1. Music makers are tempted to create & re-create tracks on first love, and viewers rush to catch the First Day, First Show. >>

70 MM

On a shikara, Kashmir.

the paradise

A k Hangal


trumpet blog

trumpet pick

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Avatars of the saree.

Chai, a fashion muse.

my cup of tea

Dhoti, remixed!      The traditional Indian dhoti silhouette is making heads turn at cocktail evenings and runway soirées: slip into voluminous, breezy & comfortable dhoti jumpsuits, gowns, saris and more. >>

Wearing the bindi in an alien land.

forehead art

An inspiration.

Sanjeev Kapoor

jagdish Raj

fashion fry

The quintessential Bollywood cop.

A villain we love to hate.

Itna sanata kyun hai bhai?

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web counter

Animal sightings, luxury in the wilderness, elusive felines and other tales from a jungle in Rajasthan. >>

Our loved scooter: Hamara Bajaj

'I am just a  बावर्ची': Vikas Khanna

Delhi Food. REdefined

Delhi Food Walks is an initiative that connects all the foodies and let them share the food secrets with the people around. It is a multi cuisine platform that serves the delicious delights on wheels in a pocket fitting price.

expressions. Colours. Words.

Emotions & images meet to light up a space with not just colours but also a lot of love, passion, hope, et al. Browse through a range of WALL ARTS. >>

Instill the love for food in your child by giving him/her a chance to make friends with real food. Seek advice. Enroll in for a workshop. And more.>>

Cooking with children