Who doesn’t like street food, even if it comes garnished with a layer of dust, and sweat too, perhaps! We decided to make a stopover at a few makeshift, snack selling shops across the country.  These are a few of our favourite Indian street snacks, and yours?

Every state, city, town & village in India has street food all of its own. Here’s a handful of soulful snacks – deep-fried, spicy, dirty, cheap, mouthwatering, sweet, fresh, stale, overcooked and evenly roasted – that’s had us licking our fingers for decades

– The Indian Trumpet’s Bachpan (Childhood) special


Rainy day. Lots of nimbu and namak. Charcoal. Corn on the cob. Evenly roasted.


Pani Puri
Explosive taste. Golfball-sized dumpling. Tamarind water. Sweet, sour, spicy. No one can have just one.


Time pass. Salted, spicy, boiled, dry roasted or raw. A large karahi (wok). Roasted in hot salt. Winter.


Sweet Corn
Red chili. A dash of lemon. Salt to taste. Spoonfuls of masala. A cupful. Golden yellow kernels.


Nimbu Pani
Natural. Thirst quencher. Indian lemonade. Sugar syrup. Salt. Desi summer cooler.


Kaacha Aam
Chatpata. Red chilli. Thin, raw. Slurp. Spicy snack.


Bhel Puri
Puffed rice. Tangy tamarind and mint chutney. Savoury. Dry and wet bhel. Combination of sev, onions, papadis, potatoes, raw mango, et al.


Matar Chole
Boiled chickpeas. Chopped onions. Small thin kulchas. Favourite lunch dish. Patile wale chole.

Keep blowing the Trumpet! This & many more stories await in the pages!