Ek Anek Aur Ekta or One, Many and Unity, popularly known as Ek Chidiya, Anek Chidyan, was a traditional animated short film released by the Films Division of India (Government of India) in 1974. It was aired on the state-owned Doordarshan, became very popular among children, and won the National Film Award for Best Educational Film. It also received the award for Best Children’s Film in Japan. Considered one of the best examples of ANIMATED storytelling ever produced in India, it’s well remembered by the ’80s generation as a classic illustration of Anekta Mein Ekta.

Ek Chidiya, Anek Chidiyan: The film about ‘unity in diversity’ released more than three decades ago still resounds in our hearts. An artist pays a beautiful, heart-warming tribute by sketching few lovely scenes from the film.

The Indian Trumpet’s 1st Birthday Special

The film sought to teach children the values of unity and teamwork, embodying the message that India is stronger if its citizens stand united, regardless of cultural differences (Unity in Diversity). It begins with a group of children playing in a garden. One of them asks his elder sister: “Didi, yeh anek kya hota hai?” (“Sister, what do you mean by Many?”) The rest of the film is devoted to the sister’s reply, using a metaphorical story about a group of birds that unites to recruit their friends, a group of mice, to help them escape a bird catcher.

Let’s revisit, shall we?

The lyrics for Hind Desh ke Niwasi were written by Pandit Vinaychandra Maudralya. Sadhna Sargam, now a popular singer, was only ve when she sang the song, recently heard in the 2013 romcom Shuddh Desi Romance.

On another note, How often do you say, ‘Bas, ek minute’?

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