Are you celebrating 52 Weeks, 52 Desi Emotions with The Indian Trumpet — all through 2018! 

Long before social networking arrived on the scene, long before videos were made of what to do with plastic bottles or straws or paper clips or old tyres, long before the word “hack” was coined by the rest of the world, there was Jugaad. So what exactly is Jugaad?

It’s so much more than that though. A hack is a word. Jugaad is an emotion.

The Indian Trumpet’s Middle Class Special Edition

  1. It’s a salute to finding satisfaction within your means.
  2. It’s a toast to the spirit of a nation that refuses to settle for anything less and chooses to improvise instead.
  3. It’s a hat off to the sheer creativity of a multitude that has great thinkers all over the world stumped.
  4. It’s a matter of pride for any Indian to utter the phrase, “Arey not to worry, Kuch Jugaad kar lenge.”
  5. It’s a rebellious movement that laughs in the face of challenges.
  6. It’s the embodiment of ideas that defy logic and yet come to life just because one person decides to try something completely out of the box.
  7. It’s the culture of reusability, of sustainability, of being mindful of wastage.
  8.  It’s using every toothpaste tube to the absolute last squeeze.
  9. It’s diluting every shampoo bottle so not a drop goes wasted.
  10. It’s a student using a clothes iron to boil eggs for breakfast.
  11. It’s reusing every single container to an inch of its destruction.
  12. It’s the corner shop set up solely to x the straps of chappals and repair non-cooperating zips.
  13. It’s the man walking down the street with something that looks like a stringed instrument and uses it to magically stuff up old mattresses.
  14. It’s using pockets of old pants to become toothbrush and spoon holders.
  15. It’s using a bike helmet as a shield against pungent onions.
  16. It’s creating a hole in a chair when your grandmother can’t squat on the Indian toilet anymore.
  17. It’s using something as insignificant as a safety pin and elevating it to new heights.
  18. It’s reusing milk covers to pack leftovers.
  19. It’s using sambar powder when you run out of pav bhaji masala.
  20. It’s an entire nation of cricket fans, who’ve played cricket without ever buying a single stump. It’s carefully opening gifts without spoiling the wrapping paper to reuse it at a later time.
  21. It’s saving every scrap of paper in the house and selling it to the raddiwala.
  22. It’s collecting all old clothes in the house to give to the bhandi wali in exchange for new shiny steel vessels.
  23. It’s stitching up old t-shirts to become soft bathmats.
  24. It’s using hot sand to roast peanuts and puff rice – one of the best methods of “frying” and heat retention.

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