When Sachin Tendulkar retired in December 2012. It wasn’t only the end of a career but the end of a religion, which the people had been passionately following for over 23 years. Sachin has not made just many fans over the years but diehard, core fanatics.

When it irks us, we give ourselves a moment to mock and laugh. Then, we stand up and fight.

– The Indian Trumpet’s Debut Edition

So who will win the BIG ONE in 2014? Will it be the silent leader or the outspoken kid? Will it be the calculated Kumar or the aggressive Modi? Or is there a scope for the veterans? Or for a clowny baba? Or can it be Mr. Fast? or … ????? Whoever it is… We will be fully ready to criticise!

We have forgotten whether there are craters on roads or roads in a crater! Traffic jams, accidents, pollution, health issues. But hey, they claim “short term pain for long term gain” so we think there is hope but this is what they said even 10-15 years ago! This is certainly not what I pay tax for!! Stand up and scream- No More!

We truly are art lovers. I mean be it the train windows or below the seats or on the exteriors of the buses or on clean roads or clean walls or on people! We believe in creating art everywhere by spitting out “paan” and tobacco and thereby exploring our artistic side. Applauding these art fanatics!

Summer of 2013! Hot, humid, tiring, scary, horrific! Evaporating ice, water and now… humans!!

Keep blowing the Trumpet! This & many more stories await in the pages!