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There’s nothing known as too much ghee!

Indian Belly, My Dubai

If you’re from North India, especially New Delhi or Punjab, then you too, like us, would associate Sagar Ratna, with mostly South Indian fare, including but not limited to the range of dosa, idli, and uthappam. So, it was quite a surprise for us when at Sagar Ratna, Dubai, we were told we’d be sampling authentic Marwari cuisine. Ghee, bring it on! As we sample an authentic Marwari meal at Sagar Ratna, Dubai, we vouch for the fact that there’s nothing known as too much ghee. Sit back, soak in the Rajasthani folk music, and eat on… – The Indian…

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Life in a metro

Photo Essays

A pictorial tribute to the life line. Dubai, a city that never sleeps, dreams big, boosts ambitions, inspires richness & spells glamour is connected by the Dubai Metro. Foremost, we fall in love with Dubai Metro. Later, we hail cabs, rent cars and drive our machines. Let the affair unfold. – The Indian Trumpet’s Debut Edition The familiar & the unfamiliar meet on the tracks. The old & the new greet us on the doorstep. The journeys & destinations become safer, closer & comfortable – courtesy the Dubai Metro. Images on the featured pages: Nabi Ahmadi; artwork: Kamaini Mittal. Keep…

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Buteh, the paisley

Our Shabdkosh

There are many theories on its origin. One of them being that it is a fertility symbol, the fresh shoot of a date palm. The date palm represented the tree of life for primeval Babylonians, being a source of their food, wood and wine. And from there it travelled all the way to Kashmir, India. But how did it get the very Anglo Saxon name paisley? Also known as ambi in Punjabi, carrey in Urdu, kalga in Kashmiri, kolke in Bengali, koyari in Marathi and mankolam in Tamil… – The Indian Trumpet’s Debut Edition It’s believed that in Kashmir the…

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Tu Jaanta Nahi Mera Baap Kaun Hai

Bharat Darshan, desi emotions

Saddi Dilli, is what we Dilliwallahs love to call this city of dreams, denominations and destiny. Known as ‘Delhi’ to the world but, always and forever, as ‘Dilli’ to the insiders, this open-hearted capital of our nation doesn’t discriminate on the basis of where you come from or where you’re heading: in life, or on its big, broad roads.

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The good ol’ Ambassador — baati waali gadi!

desi emotions, Horn OK Please, Nostalgia

There are many cars across the globe, which have carved a special identity for themselves over the decades. The Ambassador is one of them but totally unique in the way that it’s still being produced. Yes, a 1958 model, which hasn’t been changed much and is still selling and also finding some growth!

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Sachin Tendulkar, the name says it all

desi emotions, Nostalgia, Trumpet Lead, Trumpet Toot

Thwak! The swing plane comes down in a perfect vertical arch to meet the orb, dismissing it from his five ft something presence. A billion smiles light up the Indian diaspora across the world. Rasp! A horizontal spectacle that sends the orb into spatial travel. Another billion flashes lighting up the night sky, enhancing the mood of a nation, perhaps even boosting the economy.

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Dear Sachin Tendulkar, thank you!

desi emotions, Nostalgia, Trumpet Lead, Trumpet Toot

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is more than just a name. A revolution, a renaissance, a hope. A man who has provided immense hope and cheer to our nation. A nation that often struggles to find individuals who inspire and motivate them. And to do this successfully for 24 years is an achievement on its own.

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Joote Lo, Paise Do!

desi emotions, Fashion Fry, Nostalgia

In India, a country that is steeped in tradition, it’s a joy to partake in the many rituals or watch it happening, more so at special occasions. Be it a ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ or an ‘Intimate Lean Indian Wedding’, I have always looked forward to attending these ceremonies. Having friends from different parts of India, I found the many different traditions attached to these ceremonies particularly interesting. I used to be (and still am) fascinated by the colours, the flowers, the chants, the rituals and of course the gastronomic delights!

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Did you wear your mum or grandmum’s lehenga at your wedding?

desi emotions, Fashion, Fashion Fry, Nostalgia

Old is gold: A phrase that features in the list of top ten clichéd ‘words of wisdom’ and yet struggles to find its place in the ‘must do’s’ of trousseau shopping. sporting heirloom jewels is classy but does slipping into a hand-me-down lehenga earn the same respect? does the glitter of the timeworn fade over time when it comes to outfits or does it too speak of the glimmer of the past? can the grandma garment work its magic on the girl next door’s wedding? can the blue-blooded royalty carry this charm? We explore the fine line between charm and…

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What commercials do you remember the most from when you were a kid?

Daily Drama, desi emotions, Nostalgia

Advertising has become a massive industry today with almost every brand spending an exorbitant amount in an effort to create awareness and ensure top of mind recall. The point is to break through from the clutter and make that one ad that resonates with the brand and ultimately becomes the anthem of the moment. That’s the power all brands crave! I have to be honest that most ads these days lack that power of connecting with the audience. Although they’re technologically advanced and have the best picture quality, etc., they seem to lag behind in creating that connection.