The Indian Trumpet known for its commitment to the arts is back with yet another colourful and creative project called #DXBDialogues.

Our editor-founder Purva Grover pens down the words for #DXBDialouges. Artists based out of the #UAE bring the words alive with their artworks.

What is #DXBDialogues?

Dubai. A destination where dreams get wings, aspirations challenge skyscrapers, the sun shines like jewels, and the sea casts its spell. There is glitter, glamour, and gold. And underneath lie hidden dreams & desires, pleasure & pain, ambition & addiction, faith & fear and greed & growth of individuals, who call this place their home.

An insight into Dubai as witnessed, lived and viewed sans the tourist-tinted glasses.

Eccentricities, we adopt. Words, we utter. Opinions, we form. Views, we express. Cabs, we share. Cuisines, we try. Places, we visit. Spots, we avoid. Possessions, we flaunt. Tales, we weave. Detours, we make. Names, we drop. Records, we make. Numbers, we dial. Moments, we cherish. And more. Pages from the diary of a Dubai dweller: a potpourri of observations, conversations, phrases, debates, encounters, anecdotes and scripts presented as poetic vignettes. Collectively titled, #DXBDialogues.

The theme for each work will be updated on a monthly basis. Follow this space to know more.

Here’s how it works:
1. Each month, you will be given a theme. Plus, a few lines elaborating the theme, which will help you get thinking.
2. You choose a medium (oil, watercolour, charcoal…), you choose a style (abstract, line drawing, sketch, caricature, illustrations,…) to depict the theme.
3. You choose the format horizontal or vertical, size A4 or larger.
4. Send us a scanned (PDF/JPEG/PNG) copy of your work with your signature (within the artwork) to theindiantrumpet@gmail.com. Plus, send us your picture with a brief 100 words biography.
5. Deadline: End of the month.

Who can participate?
1. Any UAE-based artist — upcoming, professional, student…

Here’s what you get:
1. Each artwork gets featured on the portal, theindiantrumpet.com.
2. Each artwork gets published in the digital magazine, The Indian Trumpet, the only e-zine for Indian expats.
3. Each artwork gets featured with complete credits on various social media platforms as well.

Address all queries to theindiantrumpet@gmail.com

Get to know the themes

April 2017

Cab Drivers & Cab Rides in Dubai

“Dotting clean roads, broad streets, busy thoroughfares and narrow side lanes. ‘Salik’ roads, long routes or heavy traffic. Make the choice. A natural cream coloured shirt, regular fit, unbranded. Yesterday’s meal, a faint smell and fading spot of turmeric, above the left pocket. A red tie. Clean, moderately crisp. A pair of pleated trousers — a muddy chocolate brown shade. Car charger, a dangling wire. Waiting. Outside malls, terminals, apartments, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, beaches and parks. And taxi stands. On service. 24 X 7.” 

Deadline: April 30th, 2017