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“So what if it’s big, it will be good for at least a year, aaram se!”

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Last week at the mall, submerged under a pile of children’s clothes at a kid’s store, I saw a pink skirt, which would perfectly t my 2-year-old princess. I had the exact same one (well, almost) that my uncle had got for me from a trip abroad. The only difference – I was six then and the dress wouldn’t t me till I was at least eight that was if I ate for three. The one in my hand had an adjusting elastic on the waist (an awesome innovation) – the one in my memory, my granny had to alter…

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Do you want to be number one?

desi emotions, IdharUdhar

A DIGIT. AN HOUR. A POSITION. A SAVIOUR. AN ASPIRATION. A CURRENCY. A BEGINNING. A MILESTONE. A BLESSING. A LUCKY CHARM. A MINUTE. A REMINDER. A CHOICE. A SECOND. A FIGURE. A DIRECTION. A UNION. A RANK. A GOAL. A DREAM. A NUMBER. Are you celebrating 52 Weeks, 52 Desi Emotions with The Indian Trumpet — all through 2018!  Keep blowing the Trumpet! This & many more stories await in the pages! 

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