A comedy for residents and tourists alike! The story revolves around an Indian and Pakistani who share a neighbourhood in this beautiful city, Dubai!

And this one has nothing to do with Kashmir…

HOWZAT — A Play Based in Modern Dubai

The story of two families (South Asian & European characters too!) living on the Palm in Dubai in Modern Times! This depicts the story of what life is for every expat living here. The first play to be written in Dubai aims to lift local culture and arts and put Dubai on the map. Also in light of recent events, they have given it a twist with the central characters being Indian and Pakistani to promote peace and showcase UAE being a melting pot of cultures and nationalities. This one is for love, tolerance, humanity, and #mydubai! – A must watch for everyone who loves theatre, and is based in DUBAI!


Meet the cast!

Asad Raza Khan
Deepak Venugopal
Meghana M Fareed
Vicky Koumoutsou

Directed by Priyanka Johri
Written by Alex Broun and Asad Raza Khan
Asst Dir, Creative, Sounds, and Lights by Shihas Salim
Asst Dir and Production Help by Vaishali Balgu

Produced by Tall Tales Production and Alex Broun Company

The shows will be presented at The Junction in Al-Serkal Avenue Al Qouz Dubai from 15th to 17th of Dec 2016. There will be a show in evening at 7 30 pm every day which a special matinee on Saturday 17th of Dec 2016 at 3 pm. Tickets available at www.tixbox.com.
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