Being the only son in the family is enough reason to have to clean all the fans in the house, time and again, especially when Diwali’s round the corner. There are other duties that sons don’t really mind, like fetching stuff from the market, but they’re always going to be less willing to do anything that involves standing on rickety chairs and cleaning unstable machinery.

 As a son, one is expected to perform certain tasks, which includes cleaning of fans as well! A son shares his rather unusual, hilarious experience.

– The Indian Trumpet’s ‘Fan’ edition

Here are some tips on cleaning fans, straight out of mother’s rulebook:

1. First, use a dry cloth to wipe off the dust.

2. Mix detergent in water or ‘Colin’, squeeze a cloth in it then wipe the blades with that.

3. The ends of the blades must be spot free (almost impossible if the fan is old).

4. Don’t press the blades too hard as this can distort the blades and affect the fan’s performance (that’s science for you).

5. Next, wipe the fan over with a clean, dry cloth.

6. Finish the job by cleaning the middle part of the fan and the caps, where your hands always struggle to reach.


One fan isn’t too much of a problem; the real trouble starts when your mother wants all the fans cleaned at once. There’s no rushing it: the blades have to shine bright like a bald man’s head in the sun. I’m always delaying (read: ‘in denial about’) this huge task. Just how do these fans get so filthy? And why do they have to be cleaned so thoroughly? They work just fine as they are! Believe it or not, every son genuinely has these questions.

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