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December 2018

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Dubai is the best place to ‘live in India’! Agree?

Bharat Darshan, desi emotions

Dubai is a destination where many people ‘like’ to move not just from India but other countries as well. A lot of my friends in the UK and US often express their interest in moving to Dubai, a place that has best of both the worlds, home & abroad. The power of both ambition and need that tempts and compels an individual to leave home and head to Dubai amazes me, makes me wonder and leaves me in awe. Before I boarded the flight to Dubai I had asked myself why I was willing to leave behind my family, home…

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Does it sound really strange that my childhood evokes memories of garam masala?

Food, Indian Belly

My mother dry roasting Indian spices to make garam masala that later she would pound in the white marble mortar and pestle, which would be sprinkled on many a curry. Sugar, spice & everything nice! Indian spices on the dessert menu is the sweet news this season. – The Indian Trumpet’s Debut Edition My grand mum would leave the juicy ruby red pomegranate seeds out in the sun and leave them to dry for days to make anardana, which we would later enjoy in each bite of our allu parantha (Indian flatbread stuffed with potatoes). Our neighbour Mrs. Chellapa, would…

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Pran: Not someone I love to hate, the way I hate a creepy Jeevan, wild Amrish Puri, hammy Ajit

70 MM, Bollywood

It’s not my habit to yell actors’ names out loud at my TV screen when they enter a film but that is my customary greeting for Pran, 2013’s winner of the Dada Saheb Phalke award. Although he is known best to many film fans as one of the all-time great villains, he’s not someone I love to hate, the way I do, say, creepy Jeevan, wild Amrish Puri, or hammy Ajit. Pran is an actor I love to love because he is, simply, just that: an actor. He’s never cardboard and never sleepwalks through a performance, even after more than…