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March 2019

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To the winter sun

desi emotions, My Dubai, Nostalgia

Each winter as I open the trunk and smell the warm clothes that have been aching to be worn I think of you: the winter sun. I think of the ways you would fool with me, showing up only when you please. I lie in my cosy bed detesting the thought to leave because I know that when I’ll draw the curtains and look for you, I will lose in this game of hide ‘n’ seek. But soon I push myself to leave the behind the cosiness of my warm blanket and get ready to face the chill. I slip…

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Just another day in India

desi emotions

Ever wondered how blessings look, feel? Is it only in temples, mosques, gurudwaras and churches that blessings are bestowed? Or is it touching the feet of an elderly that brings us these? Does a blessing lie in the smile of a child, a hug by a mother, a nod by a stranger? Perhaps, yes. Today, look around. Count your blessings — that are hidden in our mundane routines, lives. On a recent trip to home, New Delhi, India, the author made note of all the tiny blessings in her life — the daily, mundane lives become worth it because of…