At times I feel
As alien
As the crows here

Looking at
Bored palm trees
Imagining paani puri vendors

A young poetess shares her experience of struggling between multiple cultures, tongues, and experiences.

– The Indian Trumpet’s Debut Edition

Transfer of recipes
Through the phone
Make me nostalgic
And I’m almost tempted
To sniff the receiver
For the smell
Of soil after rain

News on TV
Remind me life
Goes on back at home
While I’m here
On foreign land
The annoying
Company of mosquitoes

My accent
Gives away
My nostalgia

I am torn
In between
Two lands
Two cultures
And two tongues
No three
Or is it four?

I smile
Amidst all the confusion
For my multiple personality
Is what everyone
Enjoys the most back home

With something
Different to offer
They look forward to
My arrival

The flight
Back home
Is a suspension
Between dream and reality

When I step On Mother Land
She waits for me
With arms wide open
And I’m not ashamed
Of the tears that fall
Into her lap

Our re-union
Makes the distance
And time spent apart
Worth while…

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