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June 2020

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On the jasmine trail, the charm of a gajra

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We drove past dry arid lands, for a very long time. The scorching sun, the empty roads and the eerie stillness did not deter us. We were in search of the famous Madurai malli. The local guide, internet research and every villager whom we stopped to ask for directions said the same thing: keep going straight and you will see jasmine plants till as far as the eye can see. So, we drove in the scorching heat for miles, through the small village called ‘Nilakottai’ and could only see emptiness. Madurai and malli (jasmine) go hand in hand and this…

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Old Bollywood numbers are ringing on the Indian telly as titles of routine soaps!

Daily Drama

The good ol’ TV never fails to surprise us especially when it comes to the lack of creativity and innovation. The unexciting soapy situations on the idiot box continue to revolve around saas-bahu revenge plots, re-marriages, rebirths, memory loss, generation leaps, etc. but what has got us questioning the dearth of creativity this time around is the TV crew’s act of adapting old and new Bollywood songs as their show titles. Yes, the days of every Indian soap suffering from ‘K’ mania (courtesy Ekta Kapoor) are over and have given way to the names of the shows being adapted from…

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Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani!

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When Sachin Tendulkar retired in December 2012. It wasn’t only the end of a career but the end of a religion, which the people had been passionately following for over 23 years. Sachin has not made just many fans over the years but diehard, core fanatics. When it irks us, we give ourselves a moment to mock and laugh. Then, we stand up and fight. – The Indian Trumpet’s Debut Edition So who will win the BIG ONE in 2014? Will it be the silent leader or the outspoken kid? Will it be the calculated Kumar or the aggressive Modi?…

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India, to the place I belong

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India. The first thing that comes to my mind is the variety and spontaneity that it offers. Be it a festival, marriage, pooja or cricket match the buzz of the events in India makes you stop in the middle of a bustling street to simply stand and stare in fascination. A true blue Bengaluru lass I have been born and brought up in the city and that too under the simultaneous influence of two very unique cultures, my mother being Mizo and my dad a Tamilian. It is an amazing feeling to be able to relate to two different cultures…