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July 2020

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My little boy had grown up and his feet were as big as mine!

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It was his 17th birthday and my timid and shy young son was slowly growing up to be a fine young man. Over the years, a lot had changed. Earlier, as a boy, he would grip my hand a little firmer when we crossed the road. Now he would steer clear and give me a sheepish smile as we walked side by side, crossing the road. He was almost my height now and he seemed to be more and more excited and curious to know if he would possibly grow taller. Every few months, he would suddenly walk up to…

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Between fathers and sons

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It seemed like an eternity, but it was finally 6.30 pm. Any second now… and finally, the doorbell rang! I hurriedly tailed mummy as she went to open the door. And there he was! Papa was home. He smiled at me as he handed the bags and groceries to mum, and I ran to hug his towering frame, only managing to reach up to his knees. It was our routine evening ritual. A page from a dairy, when I was a child and I’d stand barefoot on dad’s feet…and we played a little game. – The Indian Trumpet’s Shoe Special…

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Did you get hauled up by the class monitor for dirty shoes?

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Standard black shoes for “regular” school days (read non-sports and rainy days), white canvas shoes for the sports days and rainy shoes (there were the ones who wore the more functional plastic sandals and there were the snooty kids who wore the big rubber gumboots). Footwear would be bought before school re-opened, of course, and there was an air of excitement as we waited for the shopping day to arrive. They came in all types and sizes. Regular and rainy. Canvas and black. They were a constant source of punishment for us, we had to keep them clean to stay…

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Mera Joota Hai Japani

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From Raj Kapoor’s Japaani Joota and Dilip Kumar’s Suit Boot to Salman Khan’s banter over Jootey do Paise lo or Naseerudin Shah’s rendition of Ibn-e-Batuta, Bagal Mey Joota: Bollywood has given us a fair share of shoe melodies. Movie titles have been dedicated to it, too – remember the classic, boot polish or the recent critically acclaimed That Girl In Yellow Boots – shoes have been an important part of our filmy culture. in fact, there are numerous dialogues, sequences, plots, climax, and scenes where the shoe gets a special mention, but it is the songs that remain etched in…

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Chappal as a nazar battu?

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‘Ekdum 100 % effective – or your money back’ said the thin strip banner below a small stack of few, shining black horseshoes. In this tiny shop in the labyrinth called Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, they had all kinds of nazar battus (objects that ward of the evil eye), including the modern and glistening Turkish evil eye and Feng Shui coins, but the horseshoe looked one of a kind. Since the ‘promise’ piqued my curiosity, I asked the owner, what was so special about it. We know how our country is full of quirks! With superstitions leading the way for everything…