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April 2022

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Eid in Dubai: Where to eat desi food.

Food, My Dubai

What is a festival without food? We bring you a few choices that caught our eye! – The Indian Trumpet’s Festival Special Edition Eid Brunch The venue will feature live music during the brunch as well. And the meal would include Chaats like Dahi Papdi Chat and Palak Pata Chat. Appetisers would include Chilly Fish, Murgh Angara Kebab, Paneer Tikka Khas Nawab. For mains, Chicken Tikka Masala, Veg Kofta Curry, Dal Makhani, etc. with desserts like Gulab Jamun and Seviyan. Jebel Ali Recreation Club, Dubai | When: 3-4 May Asli 1 Kg Mutton Wali Biryani Sthan Dubai, a restaurant serving North Indian,…

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Ramadan in Dubai: Game for a Butter Chicken omelette or Burrata Butter Chicken?

Indian Belly, My Dubai

If there’s a Rajniknath in North-Indian dishes, it is the Butter Chicken! Punjab and Butter Chicken are something like Santa and Banta – you can’t really imagine one without the other. No wonder then, as we celebrate the vibrancy of Punjab in this issue, we can’t help but rediscover the one dish that all Punjabis swear by – Butter Chicken! – The Indian Trumpet’s Punjab Edition We play Sherlock to find out when and how did the recipe of the Butter Chicken originate. And not to our surprise, there are many versions, and a popular story goes such – What…

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Dubai: How much chaat, chai can you have?

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That’s the question, a Dubai-based restaurant is asking. Yes, it’s not us, it’s them. Claiming to be offering a once in a lifetime chaat offer, Bol Gappa, a fun, quirky Bollywood themed restaurant in Karama, is calling out to all chaat addicts and chai lovers. Every state, city, town & village in India has street food all of its own. Here’s a handful of soulful snacks – deep-fried, spicy, dirty, cheap, mouthwatering, sweet, fresh, stale, overcooked and evenly roasted – that’s had us licking our fingers for decades – The Indian Trumpet’s Bachpan (Childhood) Edition Here’s how it works!For the…