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Stepping into mum’s shoes

Fashion, Fashion Fry, Trumpet Lead

Do you remember when you were little how you idolised your parents to be your superheroes and how desperately you wanted to be like them? Nothing they did ever fell short of a miracle and you could never dream to be anything lesser than them. I remember when I was young and every time I saw my mother all dolled up in her bright dresses – salwar kameez made of silk and banarasi sarees – adorned with matching round bindis and bangles made out of glass, those black high pencil heels that matched almost every dress she owned, I used…

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Why do I attend Indian weddings?

Indian Belly, Nostalgia

Indian weddings are synonymous to the big fat affairs especially if you belong to somewhere in the north of India, not to mention, the state of Punjab where the weddings are grand affairs demanding more attention than a lot of festivals.