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Mera Joota Hai Japani

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From Raj Kapoor’s Japaani Joota and Dilip Kumar’s Suit Boot to Salman Khan’s banter over Jootey do Paise lo or Naseerudin Shah’s rendition of Ibn-e-Batuta, Bagal Mey Joota: Bollywood has given us a fair share of shoe melodies. Movie titles have been dedicated to it, too – remember the classic, boot polish or the recent critically acclaimed That Girl In Yellow Boots – shoes have been an important part of our filmy culture. in fact, there are numerous dialogues, sequences, plots, climax, and scenes where the shoe gets a special mention, but it is the songs that remain etched in…

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Langar, the divine meal

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In the age of Happy Meals, Combo Food offers and extra cheese pizzas there’s still one repast that tempts us beyond the fast food goodies. If you’re a Punjabi or have accompanied one to the Guru da ‘langar’ you’d agree that this basic meal brings a soul-satiating experience that outclasses even fine dining. A tradition that’s lasted for centuries, bringing people together one and all, the langar, or community kitchen, is a quintessential element of almost every Gurudwara (venue for Sikh congregational worship).

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All that you need to know to bargain like an Indian

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If you are a true Indian middle-class prodigy, you could bargain everywhere! FROM VEGETABLE VENDORS TO DUTY-FREE AT AIRPORTS – WE BARGAIN EVERYWHERE! From sabjiwala and autowala to the local grocery shops, departmental stores, malls and even the duty-free at airports (been there, done that!). Bargaining with the vegetable vendor would come naturally even if you are clueless about the prices and is an easy learning ground for the beginners. Bargaining at the local stores is one level up because here you need to convince the shopkeeper about how MRP is not the final word and discount on MRP is…

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Din shagna da chadeya…

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Excited women of the house settled with a dholki (drum) churning out one wedding song after the other… a halwai (sweet maker) preparing oil dripping pakodaas (fritters) to go with the chai-shai and thanda shanda (hot / cold drinks) anxious relatives critically examining the preparations… cousins and friends planning the last minute details of a daru (drinking) party…