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Dubai is the best place to ‘live in India’! Agree?

Bharat Darshan, desi emotions

Dubai is a destination where many people ‘like’ to move not just from India but other countries as well. A lot of my friends in the UK and US often express their interest in moving to Dubai, a place that has best of both the worlds, home & abroad. The power of both ambition and need that tempts and compels an individual to leave home and head to Dubai amazes me, makes me wonder and leaves me in awe. Before I boarded the flight to Dubai I had asked myself why I was willing to leave behind my family, home…

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Navratri, worshipping the goddess

Nostalgia, Trumpet Lead

The sounds of Jai Mata Di purifying the air, beautiful idols of Goddess Durga in every nook and corner of our streets, invitations from neighbours to attend the colourful and pious Mata Ki Chowki, lovely sounds of the playing of dandiya sticks, swirls and whirls of stunning ghaghras, aroma of the singhara barfi and aloo halwa…just these words are enough to paint the picture of our country during the festival of Navratri in North India. Yes, soon it will be that time of th year when one and all will forget their differences and get together for a dandiya or…