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Walk the rainbow

Bharat Darshan, The Globe & The Gully

It’s a July morning when I find my escape route from the heat in the Indian capital in my sudden travel plans to the Valley of Flowers. A paradise for trekkers and a stunning floral spread await me at the valley in Uttarakhand, Western Himalayas. As I drive along the hills towards Joshimath I am greeted with postcard views of the mountain ranges. The roads cut through the mountains in a way that I can catch a glimpse of the flowing Pushpawati river, a small tributary from the Tipra glacier. Driving uphill (Joshimath is at an altitude of 6,000 feet)…

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Looking for Alaska

The Globe & The Gully

What defines a holiday? Being wheelchair bound, it means meeting or even exceeding my limits. I seek out unique destinations, luxurious hotels, diverse cuisines and exciting activities. From start to finish, Alaska had all the ingredients and flexibility I look for and is now my favourite destination of the many I’ve visited.

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